Monday, 1 September 2014

Back from holidays and settling in to regular routine

Well I haven't written a post for about 6 weeks because we've been super busy.

The last weekend in July was my niece, Asha's 2nd birthday party. My sister in law made her a gorgeous Peppa Pig Cake. And Gig, Asha and Lily had a great afternoon.

Unfortunately I came down with a really bad cold that weekend, almost bordering on flu-symptoms. It was such bad timing because I had heaps going on at work and Gigi, my mum and I were flying out to Fiji for a holiday at the end of the week. Lucky for me our lemon tree has been absolutely loaded, so I spend a week absolutely smashing down Lemon/Garlic/Raw Honey 'Juices'. I ate about six lemons and three bulbs of garlic in four days. Luckily I couldn't smell myself, but my family and colleagues assured me that I absolutely reeked of garlic. The magic potion worked though, and I went from deaths door on Monday, to bouncing off the walls on Thursday and ready for an adventure in Fiji.

Magic Potion
 We've had so many lemons that my Mum has been going crazy making Lemon Tarts left, right and centre. I think she made maybe 6 tarts in two weeks to give away to friends and eat.

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