Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Keeping a Blog Attempt #2

After attempting to start (and Failing to keep up with) a blog over at BlogHer, I've decided to start again here in the hopes i'll be able to navigate this website a little easier. I admit to being quite technology-challenged and i'm ok with that. 

I'll start by introducing myself and what I hope to acheive with my blog. 
I grew up in the Sunshine Coast hinterland on my parents 20-acre hobby farm. My dad is a hippy/anarchist from the 70/80s, my mum is a very out-doorsy/do-it-yourself/hard-working person. Their attitudes, combined with taking my brother and I to the Woodford Folk Festival every year since 1994, have given me an interest in the environment and a passion for wanting to create a better world. 
In the years since high school ended, I've finished a university degree, made the most beautiful friends, and travelled extensively through Europe and Asia.
These days, I'm a Mumma to my amazing 2-year old daughter, who calls herself "GiGi". I've recently become a single mum and am still trying to find my feet, whilst creating a new life for myself and my daughter. 
I have recently moved back to my hometown and into the sanctuary of my parents home, the home that I grew up in.
The main aim of my blog is a record of my progress as I pick up the pieces of my broken life and figure out where to from here. I also want to connect via the online-world with others and form friendships, as I'm geographically isolated from my 'real-world' friends.
From here, my main 'life-plan' is to journey into the world of Community Exchange, Permiculture, Sustainable Living and Living Simply, not to mention trying to continue with my green/relaxed parenting methods. 
So let the blogging begin.....

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