Tuesday, 11 November 2014

October Garden Update....

Posting Octobers Garden Update in November, because I've been slack....

So last month, it was time to grow the summer season of seeds, some of which I had seed saved, some of which I received in a seed swap from Liz, over at Eight Acres (I've still got to send my seeds, sorry for the delay!). 
I planted a mix of Luffa Seeds, Paw Paw, Silverbeet, Beans (mixed), cos lettuce, calendula, rosella and mini capsicum. 
Seeds to be planted
I cleared a space in the shed and sat down to happily spend an hour labeling pots, adding soil and planting seeds. I grow my seeds in pots, then transplant into the garden after they have germinated. I find it easier to keep track of what grows and what doesn't. 

I planted the seeds in composted goat poo, I'm not sure how good it is as a growth medium, but I have HEAPS of it, courtesy of our 18 goats. In keeping with my 'reduce waste' policy, I've been keeping my finished toilet rolls to use as biodegradable seed pots. The rest of my seeds I planted in re-used pots from various tubestock I've bought over the past year. 

I placed all the pots in a sunny spot, which is close to the chook pen, so I will walk past it and remember to water it morning and night. 

As my chooks are free range, I also added a 'chook cage' to prevent to girls from destroying the joint. Hopefully most of the plants will germinate and I will be able to plant the edibles in Garden Bed #1 and the Rosellas and Luffas somewhere suitable.

Garden Bed #1 is almost finished its food production of winter greens. I'm just waiting for the last of the Bok Choy to go to seed, so I can collect those and use them for the next winter.

Meanwhile, the seeds I planted in Garden Bed #2 have germinated and are starting to grow. The seeds I threw in 'to see if they would grow' seem to have all sprouted. The seeds were a mix of Amaranth, Sunflower and some pink flowers I like at a cafe, so I collected their seeds.

 I'm hoping once the Amaranth and Sunflowers reach 30-60cm, I'll be able to plant Cos Lettuce, Silver Beet and other greens underneath. The taller, hardier plants should provide shade to the greens during the heat of the day, whilst allowing plenty of filtered sunlight... I'll just have to see if that works out...

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