Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The dangers of being an adventurous toddler

Gigi has been having a run of bad luck lately. She is very adventurous, very physical with climbing/ exploring/ jumping/ etc. This month she's had her fair share of injuries and illnesses, so hopefully that will be all for some time. 

First, she split her eyebrow open by riding her bike into my brother car, and straight to the Emergency Room at our nearest hospital we went. These days doctors don't give kids stitches on their face, unless the injury is serious.  A specialised glue is now used to glue the skin together to assist healing. This is the second time Gigi has had her face glued back together. 

The following week, whilst exploring a creek in the Byron Bay Hinterland on our camping trip, Gigi picked up a paralysis tick on her OTHER eye, right in the corner near her tear duct. I was lucky enough to spot it almost immediately, however it took me twenty minutes to calm Gigi down and convince her to let me pull it off with tweezers. In that twenty minutes, her face and eye swelled up from the toxins in the tick bite. 

If that wasn't enough injuries for the fortnight, she also ran into other child whilst playing and put her teeth through her bottom lip. 

Such is life with a toddler. 

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