Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Natural Ear Cleaning

For the last few weeks, my ears have been feeling really clogged up and I've been having some difficulty hearing. I stopped using Ear Buds (Q Tips) about two years ago. Any Google search will tell you about how bad they are for causing impacted wax in your ears.
However, I still feel like my ears don't get rid of the wax adequately and I was feeling like I had a build up. So I went on the hunt for a natural alternative to cleaning out your ears, using things I had on hand, in my kitchen. The following method worked great for me. 

Natural Ear Cleaning Technique

Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Warm Water

Tip your head to the side, with one ear facing the straight up. 
Suck up some Olive Oil in an eye dropper (I used a pipette, which was left over from kids panadol). Alternatively just pour the oil on in. 
I used about 10 drops, until I felt like my ear was full. 
Keep head tilted for 20 mins to soften the wax. I recommend lying down and reading. Its quite relaxing. 
After 20 minutes, walk awkwardly to the bathroom sink with your head tilted.
Tip your head and allow the oil to pour out into the sink. 
Mix the salt in the warm water until no more will dissolve. You want the water to be saturated with salt.
Syringe the salt water into your ear to flush out the remaining oil. This is where any chunks of ear wax will make their appearance. As suspected, I did have a slight build up of wax. 
Repeat the procedure with the other side. 

Important: The water must be warm to adequately flush the oil out of your ear. If you don't get all the oil out, it feels weird, and its probably not good for you. 

My ears felt better immediately and my hearing was much better. I'm going to repeat this procedure again in two days and then probably every month. It was easy and pretty relaxing. 

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