Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mount Ngungun....Abseiling this time

I said I couldn't get enough of this mountain... hahaha. On Sunday, Gigi spent the day with her Nana, while I joined an abseiling group on my current favourite mountain....
About to get 'hooked up' 

I went on my own, which is a HUGE step for me as I'm shy and reserved. I had a great time and after a while had no worries with joining in the general chat of our little group. A few people in the group even offered to take some photos for me, so happily as well as my 'selfies', I have a few action pics as well. We started on a 10m cliff-face about halfway up the mountain, before making our way to the 20m cliff at the top of the mountain.

I'd never been abseiling before, but it was fairly easy and lots of fun. Plus, those views....

At the top of the cliff...
On top of the mountain with my excellent helmet

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