Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Backyard DIY Part 2- Chook Feeder

After building a Bamboo Water Trough, I decided to use the same basic principle to make a Bamboo Chicken Feeder. 

Once again, I used an entire segment of the bamboo, so that the chicken feed would sit IN the bamboo piece. The bottom of the bamboo is acting as a bowl, I guess. I cut two large squares out of the bottom of the bamboo. The idea is that the chooks can easily get to the grain, without pooping in their food. I've cut two squares so that at least two chooks can feed at the same time. 

I also drilled two holes at the top of the feeder to that it could be tied-up for security. 

 The chooks immediately got the idea and came over to enjoy their feeder.


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