Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Op Shopping

Since our shift to 'simpler' and 'frugal' living, I have been buying most of our clothes and whatever household items from the OP Shop (thrift store). I'd always been a pretty keen op shopper, but now I try to source our needs second-hand first, before buying anything new.

We have two in our Small Town, both very cheap and full of goodies. We heading to the church op shop last weekend to grab a few warm clothes, now that winter has finally hit with a vengeance in our part of the world.

Dinosaur feet
We managed to walk away with a new scarf for Gigi for $1, a hand-knitted cardigan for $5 (also for Gigi), and a woolen jumper for myself for $20. Even though I dislike plastic toys, and don't like to buy toys for no reason, I also bought these 'Dinosaur Feet' for Gigi. They were only $1 and I absolutely LOVED the pair I had as a kid. I remember spending hours walking around on them. Gigi also seems to love them. They are her most played with toy and she clomps around on them inside and outside.
Her co-ordination on them wasn't good to start with, but seems to be getting better.

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