Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Introducing some Lovely Ladies

The Lovely Ladies
As mentioned in previous posts, my parents wanted some chicken for their lovely fresh eggs. My dad built a small coop and I built a water trough, a feeder and a nesting box. I then purchased three cross-bred backyard chickens from the local markets. I chose cross-breeds because they are supposed to be quite hardy and as mentioned, its been a while since my parents or myself have had chickens. I also chose cross-breeds because they are much cheaper than pure breeds- $10/bird as opposed to $30-40/ bird. 

Gigi is very interested in the chickens and was very excited to give them names. She has chosen 'Chicken Dance' for the white chicken, 'Fly' for the brown chicken and 'In the Box' for the black chicken. 

In the Box
 Already they have their own strong personalities showing through. 'Fly' is very quiet and gentle. I think she will come for cuddles and pats soon enough. Her colours are lovely and she has an interesting hair-do. 'In the Box' is a small bird, very observant and wary. I think in time she'll be friendly enough, if it suits her. I also have a feeling that she'll be the trouble maker and is the most intelligent of the three. She has lovely black feathers, with a colourful shine in the sun.  Chicken Dance is the biggest girl and is at the top of the pecking order. She is big, loud and a bit dopey. She is pure white with a large comb and wattles.

Chicken Dance
The girls will be let out to free-range this weekend and I am looking forward to watching their antics in the garden. 

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