Sunday, 1 June 2014

Roaming around Nana and Poppas Garden

My parents were away for the weekend, so Gigi and I had their hobby farm all to ourselves. Its mulberry season at the moment and their Mulberry Tree is loaded. Gigi was eating them as fast as I could picked them. She'll be eating a lot of Yogurt with Mulberries, Porridge with Mulberries and plain Mulberries over the next few weeks. I'm also hoping to get enough to freeze some for later in the year.


Gigi and Pippi, our dog,  in the Orchid

Being winter, the citrus trees are fruiting too. The mandarin tree, whilst small is loaded with small and extremely juicy mandarins. Gigi loves to pick and eat them. 

The lemon tree has lots of lemons this year. I'm not sure what to make with the surplus of lemons, nor how to preserve them, so I'll have to do some research. I may just end up gifting them. 

Mulberry tree, with mandarin tree
in foreground and lemon tree in background

Tiny mandarin Tree

The custard apple trees have begun to grow perfect little fruits. Now begins the game of waiting for them to get big enough to pick, but picking them before the birds have a chance to destroy them.

Plenty of Lemons
Custard Apples

We had a bit warmer weather (for winter) over the weekend and also a fair bit of rain. We found this little guy on the back road, heading for the dam. I picked him up and carried him over to the dam so that he wouldn't get run-over. He's the second turtle we've seen this year. This particular guy is an Australia Native, known as an Eastern Long-Neck Turtle. They are very common and this guy is getting close to the upper size limit of the species.

We also spent some time watching the Guinea Fowl, who are settling in nicely and are starting to extend their range. They came up to the house and we had to chase them away. Guinea Fowl by the house are NOT desirable!

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