Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Planting Festival

On the weekend- 9th-11th May, The Planting Festival was held at the Woodford Folk Festival site. The Woodford Folk Festival is a six day festival in Woodford held over the Christmas- New Year Period.
In my humble opinion, Woofodford Folk Fest is the best festival ever with an eclectic mix of music, crafts, activities, workshop, talks and people.

Sharing a picnic Morning Tea
Gigi and her new friend helping out

The Festival site used to be a cattle farm, so from an environmental view, pretty degraded.  Over that last twenty years, an army of volunteers have been planting native species, removing weeds and generally improving the site.

Planting a tree

This is where the Planting comes in. It started as a weekend of volunteers planting trees and weeding and has evolved into a small festival with music and gardening/composting/ weaving workshops.

It had to be a pink pony

I volunteered to help out at the festival in return for a ticket. Over the Saturday and the Sunday there are two large group planting activities. Gigi and I participated in the first of these on Saturday, as it was family friendly. Needless to say, Gigi loved it. She loves getting dirty, mulching and planting trees. Best of all, there was another little girl the same age to play with. Very quickly the two girls became partners in crime, kicked off their shoes and ran around like crazy.

It was a huge hit

A woolen doll I made with scrap wool

One of the beautiful things about childhood is the ability to instantly connect with other kids. Everywhere at The Planting were groups of kids running around playing- with sticks, with seedpods, in the creek, in a tree. It was fantastic to see the kids playing outside with objects as toys and their imaginations. Not one 'smart device' was to be seen. It was just lovely.

As for me, I also had a great time. I went to several workshops on working with bamboo and also a weaving workshop. I'm feeling very inspired and will be posting all of my projects as I attempt them.

An orange Tiger!

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