Monday, 26 May 2014

Herb Spiral Update

Back in March, I made a Herb Spiral for my Mum's 50th Birthday (yes, I have very young parents).

It is absolutely roaring ahead. When I first planted the basil, a couple died back and I was too lazy to pull them out. Then, with all the rain in April, they bounced back to life and there is a plethora of Basil available. I've managed to make two batches of pesto with enough leaves on the bushes for many more. So I'll have to have a pesto making day on the weekend and freeze some.

Lots of basil with a mint cascade. 

The mint and dill have also taken off. I have an exciting idea for the mint, which I will post about when I get to it. As for the dill, I'm not entirely sure what to do with it, as I've never grown it successfully before. So I'll be looking for recipes involving dill.

The Lemon Grass (pots in background) is also growing well and I'll have to split it up soon. Lots of friends and family will be getting some green gifts I think...

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