Monday, 26 May 2014

Guinea Fowl Update

Guinea Fowls waiting to be fed

I purchased some Guinea Fowl a few weeks ago and released them to free-range about a fortnight ago. They are settling in nicely and haven't flown away (yet). So far they have been hanging around the goat shed, which is where I feed them and has water available.

Unfortunately, one of the Fowls died approximately one week after being let loose to free-range. I'm still not sure why. One morning it was fine, the next it was lethargic,  huddling in the corner and that afternoon it was dead. The rest seem fine, so I'm totally baffled at what happened.

I'm left with seven Guinea Fowl, which seem happy to wander around the goat yard and are slowly increasing their range everyday. The six youngest ones are growing quickly and have almost caught up in size with the largest one, which was from an earlier brood.

The goats are wondering where their seed is...
The goats were curious of their new paddock mates at first, but now largely ignore them. The Guinea Fowl seem a little wary of the goats, staying out of their way, but are not alarmed by them. I have discovered that the goats love the Guinea Fowl seed, so now I have to lock them out of the yard so the Guinea Fowls can eat in peace. I feel like every morning when I feed the Guinea Fowl, the goats are looking on, coveting the seed.

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