Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Front Yard Native Garden

I've been planting some native trees in my front yard since I bought my cottage last year, with the idea that it would form a continuous garden for wildlife with my neighbours native garden. 

Regarding the location of trees, I've planted a row along the fenceline, and a second row approximately 3m inside property from the first row. I've left a big gap as the sewer main runs parallel to my front fence, between these two rows of trees. As I live in an old subdivision, I feel uneasy planting trees over the top of the sewer main. I think it is best to leave it bare. 

Log garden edging
To save myself the hassle of mowing, I thought I'd mulch out the whole front area. I don't like mulching areas unless I have garden edging, so I collected a pile of logs from the bush up the road from my house. Some I had to cut to size with a handsaw, which was hard work. I'm thinking I'll have to buy myself a small chainsaw at some point, if I'm going to keep doing these kind of projects around the house.

Gigi helping to spread the mulch. Pipi supervising
Unravelled mulch bale

I bought a roll of sugar cane mulch from the produce in town and dropped it off at my house. It was so heavy, I couldnt physically push it. I used the ute to push it into position, cut of the ties holding it together, before using the ute to unravel it. Gigi enjoyed raking the mulch around, before deciding that Pipi needed mulching.

The whole exercise only took one afternoon and I'm pretty happy with the results.  I'll need to collect more logs to continue the garden edging to the front corner, then up the side boundary. I'll also need another bale of mulch for the next section. But its slowly getting there.
Mulched front yard. 

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