Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Gigi!

Today, July 16th is Gigi's 3rd Birthday. We celebrated on the weekend by having a small party with family. Gigi's Nana; Poppa; Uncle Benny; Cousins Lily and Asha; Old Pop; and Gran-Nan all came for afternoon tea and cake. Gigi's Nana (my mum) made a princess cake.

The girls ran around all afternoon, playing with balloons, chasing chickens and jumping on the trampoline.

Later, we went down to the goat paddock, so they could pat the goats and try to catch the babies.

 It was a low-key affair- my mum and I prepared all the food ourselves, there were no 'party games' or 'goody bags'. Just kids running wild and adults catching up for a chat.

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