Tuesday, 15 July 2014

July Garden Update

As I said in a previous post, winter has hit with a vengeance. My cottage is located within a floodplain, close to a reasonable sized river. Therefore it has been getting all the frosts that have hit South-East Queensland this winter. I have no experience with frosts. The last few winters have been quite mild and I've always lived at higher altitudes, where there is no frost. 

Sweet potato 
Cherry Tomato
It was quite a shock to have a look in the garden at my cottage and find most of my food plants killed by frost. The leaves have blackened and the plants are dead. I'm so disappointed. I had no idea this would happen. My sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, herbs, and food forest small trees are all dead. I'll replant everything in Spring and hopefully it'll get enough growth in three seasons to survive the winter frosts next year. I've left the plants in the ground, in the vain hope that maybe some aren't dead and will return to life in spring. 

On a positive note, my veggie gardens at my parents property are going great. The lettuce seeds I planted in my raised garden bed 'to see if they would grow' are now delicious lettuces. I have been harvesting a few leaves everyday to have on sandwiches. I plan to let one or two of these go to seed and save the seeds for next year. 


The Bok Choy seeds I planted have grow into little plants, that will be ready for harvesting in a few weeks. I sowed the seeds into seedling trays and grew the seedlings in my greenhouse, before transplanting them into my raised garden bed. The seeds were ones I saved from last year and once again, I plan to allow one or two go to seed so I have seeds for next year. The raised garden bed also has beans, snow peas, lettuce and chives growing in it.

I picked the last two capsicums from the capsicum bush. I was a good season for capsicums. I think I got 15-20 from the bush. All were quite small, about the size of a post-it note, but all were crisp and full of flavour. I don't know what to do with the bush now. Do I pull it out and chuck it in the compost? Or do I leave it and it'll grow more capsicums next season?

Lastly, I've kept a few of my surplus seedlings in pots to take to a market at Maleny and sell at the end of the month. I have cherry tomatoes, lemon grass, lettuce, bok choy and rosemary seedlings. The market is a Community Garage Sale at the Maleny Baptist Centre- Cnr Maleny-Landsborough and McCarthy Roads at Maleny on July 26th. Hopefully I'll sell all my seedlings and find a few bargains.

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